Houston, Texas

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Houston is one of the most populated cities in the USA located in the State of Texas. The estimated population of the city according to the census is 2.312 million in the year 2017.

Houston ranks number eight among the expansive cities in the United States.

Our city was founded in the year 1836 at the union of White Oak Bayou and Buffalo Bayou. Houston was named after former president General Sam Houston.

The economy of Houston has a great industrial foundation in aeronautics, manufacturing, energy and transportation. The healthcare sectors of the metropolitan are booming as well as the oilfield equipment.

Houston is renowned globally for its energy industry most specifically for natural gas and oil. It is also famous for its biomedical research. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are flourishing economic bases in Houston. One of its very famous industrial landmarks is the Houston Ship Channel which was the reason why the city was designated as a global metropolitan by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group.

Talking about the city’s market for exports, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration produced a data stating that Houston surpassed New York City in 2013. Houston’s exporting products are Petroleum, oil, chemicals, and gas extraction equipment. The destinations for exports were Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.

The metropolitan area is a primary center for building oilfield equipment as was mentioned above. Its triumph on the petrochemical industrial complex is mainly because of its busy ship channel known as the Port of Houston. This particular port ranks the highest in international commerce in the US, and as number tenth among the biggest ports in the world.

Not like many other places, high pricing of oil and gasoline are advantageous for Houston’s economy. Why? It is because most of its people are employed in the energy industry. The city is the starting point or end of many gas, oil and pipeline products.

Houston is a universal city who has substantial power with regards to medicine, culture, and research. The population of the city comes from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. It is tagged as the most diverse city in Texas as there are a lot of cultural exhibits and institutions in the Museum District which entice more than seven million tourists every year. Houston has been very active in performing arts and the visual scene as well.

With regards to politics and the government of Houston, the city has a strong mayoral form of municipal government. Houston’s elected officials are mainly the following: the mayor, the city controller; and 16 definite members of the Houston City Council.

One thing that makes Houston City remarkable is that it has the fifth-tallest skyline in North America following New York City, Chicago, Toronto and Miami respectively. It also has a seven-mile system of skywalks and tunnels that connect buildings in downtown area such as restaurants and shops. This pedestrian path is impressive as it prevents both the rain and the summer heat while people are crossing through the structures.

People may not know that Houston is an amusing place to visit and live in too. The city has a lot to offer that is why it is described as the “America’s Coolest City”. You will many options to spend and enjoy the day in Houston.

Whether you like to enjoy a show in the Theater District that brags over 12,000 seats, give a cheer to the local sports team or eat at any of the astonishing restaurants (approximately 11,000 restaurants in the area), Houston got it all for you. It offers something for everyone.

Houstonians too are known to be accommodating and pleasant ever since the city was built.

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